A Little More About Me

I’m Jess.

I write occasionally.
I have this delusion of becoming a consistent writer one day, but for now it’s just when I have something to say.
I’m a mommy, wife, and sister.
My household consists of myself, my husband, and our four year old daughter.
My degree is in History.
I start grad school next month.
Music is my medicine.
Future dreadlocked homesteader.

Right now my life is in a place of transition.  I’m looking for my first career-oriented job as a teacher and about to begin grad school.  I’m also currently trying to decide what schooling option is right for my daughter.  I’m leaning towards unschooling, but still unsure.  I try to live my life as sustainably as possible and believe in the power of eating real food.  These are topics you’ll probably see on the blog.  I’m obsessed with reggae music.  You’ll probably see some of that too.

I’m also an affiliate for  Please check out  the services and ebooks available on The Organic Sister.  I’ve read her books myself and strongly believe in them.  In full disclosure, I do get a small commission of any product you purchase through a link on my blog.


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My name is Marian Osher. Perhaps you are not aware that you are posting my copyrighted, registered original artwork of the Tree of Life without a credit or permission. My website is and you will find my “Tree of Life” artwork, created by me in 2001, in the printmaking portfolio: mandalas. Please remove my artwork from your website. Thank you. Marian Osher

Comment by Marian Osher

My sincerest apologies. I found the image uncredited a while back so I didn’t know to whom to give credit. I will take it down.

Comment by thealtmommy

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