September 30, 2014, 12:10 am
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How do you do it?
When did you lose your passion, enthusiasm, and zest for life?
Can you help me lose mine too?

How are people content with being… content?  How do people go to a job they hate and still come home with the ability to put on a smile?  How do people manage to be okay with a life that lacks travel, mystery, and new experiences?

I am not made for this cage.
I need a life filled with passion.
I want to wake up on one continent and fall asleep on another.
I need to make a difference.
I need to feel like I have a purpose.
I need to allow my head to hit the pillow with such exhaustion that I never have trouble sleeping because my days are spent so full of adventure.

But society doesn’t allow that.

Brush your hair. Go to college. Get a good job. Color inside the lines.

But I hate the lines.  I just want them gone altogether.  A tiny prison to hold in all of the color that we should use to paint a lifelong masterpiece.

They always tell me to come down. Get my head out of the clouds.  They try to take my only escape.

So, please, will you show me how to give up so that I can be more like you?
A little more cold like you,
A little more dead like you.